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Denmark gives the health care sector an e-push


Ministers for Health and top government officials from all of Europe are on their way to Copenhagen to discuss health IT and telehealth. Together with the European Commission, The Danish minister for Health, Astrid Krag, hosts the yearly “High Level eHealth Conference” which takes place in Copenhagen on 7-9 May. It is connected to the EU Presidency and is part of “eHealth Week 2012” alongside a number of other events.  

The Danish minister puts the patient in central focus at the meeting, and she states:   

“New technologies, such as smartphones, are user friendly and improve our everyday lives continuously. EHealth should do the same: Be easy to use and focus fully on the needs of patients and employees in the health care sector.”   

“We have come a long way in Denmark. For instance, you can access both your hospital journal and an overview of your prescribed medicine online. And you can perform parts of your treatment at home. Therefore, the European Commission has asked us to demonstrate some of the Danish solutions. This is because Europe needs to focus on how digital solutions can improve the lives of patients.”   

The Danish EU presidency has put innovation in health care on the European agenda under the title “Smart health – better lives”. The aim is to strengthen the dissemination of new health care technology in order to improve quality of care and working conditions in the health care sector. We have to make better use of our resources and improve the possibilities for exports of new technology. At the same time the ”High Level eHealth Conference” celebrates its tenth anniversary. The Danish minister states:  

“During the last ten years eHealth has developed in such a way that there is no longer main focus on technical specificities. Now the technical development has improved in such a way that the needs of patients and employees can take centre stage. All European countries need new solutions to solving the needs in the health care sectors in times of economic constraints.  Therefore, eHealth is high on the political agenda. The European ministers for health know that we have to find solutions in order to provide high quality care and treatment to the – among others – many European elderly and patients with chronic diseases. That is why we should let ourselves be inspired by each other in the organisation of health care.”   

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